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For over a decade Palladium Education,® Inc. has developed high-quality training programs for multiple industries, most in highly regulated environments. We understand the key to outstanding professional education is identifying the critical aspects of knowledge to transfer, not the specific subject matter. We produce instructor-led, self-paced eLearning, audio and blended training programs. Our training materials are used on five (5) continents and our audio programs have been downloaded over 2.7-million times in over 135 countries.

Our publishing arm produces printed training manuals, instructor manuals, instructor presentations, and eBooks. In addition to instructional materials, we publish novels and other general interest material under our "Almond Orchard Publications" imprint.

Palladium Education,® Inc. is a 50% owner of and primary course developer for Security Training Center,® LLC., a private security guard training company.

Mission Statement

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Our mission is to instruct individuals in the industry best practices using the most appropriate modalities.

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The mythical Palladium was a wooden statue of the Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Strategy, Pallas/Athena who guarded the cities of Troy and Athens. Ancient warriors believed that any city that contained the Palladium could not be taken by force. This belief was so strong that the Greeks held that they could not conquer the city of Troy until after Odysseus and Diomedes had first sneaked into the city and removed the statue.

Pallas/Athena, though the Goddess of War, was appalled by battle and preferred to settle disputes through the communication processes of peaceful negotiations and interaction. At Palladium Education,® Inc. we share this belief. Our strategy is to teach individuals, through a clear understanding of violence and how it develops, that the best strategies are those that minimize the chance of an outburst by clients who are incapable of self-control. For times when aggression does happen, we teach self-protective techniques for quick escape or Compassionate Containment® which minimizes or negates injury to the client or individual.

Thus, the Palladium is the perfect symbol of our goal to teach members of the community self-protective techniques to minimize or prevent pain and suffering while at the same time employing techniques to avoid physical conflict.

Accreditation and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

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California Board of Registered Nursing (CRBN)

Palladium Education,® Inc. is accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing and may issue Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 15542.

California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)

Security Training Center,® LLC. is licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

TFF 1462

Book Publishing

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An addition to the Palladium brand is publishing services. Palladium built a comprehensive publishing platform as a means to reduce costs and control quality of its education and training materials. Palladium has made its publishing expertise available to others under the imprint of "Almond Orchard Publications."


Therapeutic and Educational Materials for Communication Disorders

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Palladium Education,® Inc. develops and publishes therapeutic and educational materials for communication disorders such as articulation, receptive and expressive language development, pragmatic and social language development and speech development under its imprint "Sounds Correct."


Practical Defense Podcast

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A practical approach to staying safe in our increasingly dangerous urban environments. Learn simple strategies and everyday habits from Alex Haddox that will help protect you and your loved ones from harm. Hear interviews with experts on the criminal mind and listen to stories directly from real victims. When you understand what a criminal looks for in a target, you can avoid taking on those characteristics and thus escape selection.


Advisory Board

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Victor G. Haddox, M.D., J.D.

Doctor Haddox was a consulting forensic psychiatrist who served as an adjunct professor at the Institute of Psychiatry and the Law, Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. He served as the Chief of Psychiatry at the Veterans Administration West Los Angeles Healthcare Center where his patient load included drug and alcohol addiction with associated brain dysfunction. Dr. Haddox was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps where he served as a Hospital Commander.

In memoriam: January 27, 2016.

Richard D. Culbert, R.N., B.A.

Mr. Culbert is a former President of the Board of Directors for the Camarillo Health District. In addition, he served as the Director of Staff Development and Nursing Education at Camarillo State Hospital and Developmental Center. In this position he oversaw the Psychiatric Technician Training Program through Ventura College. Mr. Culbert is a U.S. Army veteran serving as the Assistant Chief Nurse and Officer in Charge of all clinical training for a general hospital unit.

Sgt. Jim Wagner

Mr. Wagner is the creator of the Reality-Based Personal Protection System. A former Corrections Officer, Officer in the Costa Mesa Police Department and SWAT team, Reserve Deputy in the Orange County Sherriff's Department and Federal Air Marshal Mr. Wagner lends his expertise as skilled personal protection instructor. Mr. Wagner has appeared on the cover of Black Belt Magazine and was awarded Instructor of the Year in 2006. He currently teaches counter-terrorism tactics, weapons and self-protection to elite law enforcement and military units worldwide. His addition to the advisory board brings a law enforcement perspective to assaultive situations in any environment.

Notice of Liability

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The information in our programs is distributed without warranty. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this program, neither the author nor Palladium Education,® Inc. shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any injury, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in any program or by instruction provided by Palladium Education,® Inc.


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The Horizontal Palladium logo, the Square Palladium logo, "Palladium Education", "Stay Aware, Stay Safe" and "Compassionate Containment" are all trademarks of Palladium Education,® Inc.

The Palladium Online Security Training Center logo is a trademark of Security Training Center,® LLC.

The Almond Orchard Publications logo and "Almond Orchard Publications" are all trademarks of Palladium Education,® Inc.

The Sounds Correct logo and "Sounds Correct" are all trademarks of Palladium Education,® Inc.

Other Properties

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Security Training Center,® LLC.

Palladium Education,® Inc. is a 50% owner of Security Training Center,® LLC.

Almond Orchard Publications

Almond Orchard Publications is a publishing imprint Palladium Education,® Inc.

Sounds Correct

Sounds Correct is a publishing imprint Palladium Education,® Inc.


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California BSIS Licensed Online Guard Card Training

Licensed California Classroom Guard Card Training

First Licensed Arizona DPS Online Guard Card Training

Guard Card Training matarials and manuals for Arizona, California, Hawaii and Illinois


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Palladium Education,® Inc. is a woman-owned small business incorporated in the State of California since 2007. It is registered with the United States Government as such and abides by all rules and regulations as prescribed by law.