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We Are Professional Educators

Palladium Education, Inc. is a professional instructional design company. For over a decade we have developed high-quality training programs for multiple industries, most in highly regulated environments. Our team is comprised exclusively of educational professionals, many of whom hold advanced degrees in Adult Education and Training.

We ask the right questions. Each program is customized to the needs of the client. We make no assumptions and take the time to learn the needs of the business. Our goal is a long-term partnership with each client managing their ongoing education and training needs.

We understand the key to outstanding professional education is identifying the critical aspects of knowledge to transfer, not the specific subject matter. Then the best delivery modality is selected, be it eLearning, instructor-led or a blended program. This is why we have been hired by a vast array of industries.

Some of our instructional design projects include:

  • Custom software application training
    Instructor-led, classroom training and online, self-paced training
  • Sales force training
    Product training specific to the company's sales force
  • Security guard state certification training
    More than 70-hours of instructor-led, classroom training and online, self-paced training (multiple states)
  • Podcasts
    Downloadable or streamable audio lectures, case studies and interviews
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training
    Instructor-led, classroom training and online, self-paced training
  • Books and training manuals
    Printed and eBook (Kindle, iBooks, Nook and PDF)
  • Videos
    YouTube, streaming, and DVD

Providing the best in corporate instructional design.